Disable Avast Messages, Popups, and Alerts

Nobody wants to become distrubed with a software notification when they are playing a game title or giving an exhibition. Learn to disable messages, popups, and alerts in Avast.

Disable Avast notifications when you’re doing offers or giving presentations.

We all know you understand the protection that Avast Free Anti-virus provides, however when you are giving an exhibition or focusing on playing an essential game, it might not be the optimum time for any popup notification to look. That is why we managed to get simple for you to silence Avast.

Turn on Silent/gaming mode

Activate the Silent/gaming mode when shouldn’t be interrupted. This makes Avast to operate in silent mode whenever a full-screen application is running. What this means is your games or any other full-screen applications won’t be interrupted with annoying popups or any other messages.

Turn this mode on rapidly by right hitting the orange Avast icon situated in your computer’s system tray. A brief menu can look. Click Silent/gaming mode to switch it on.

You may also access this method inside the primary interface. Visit Settings>General and appearance this area for Silent/gaming mode. This can disable messages, popups, and alerts in Avast.


Turn off sounds

Silence notifications: Open the Avast interface. Click Settings » General » Sounds and uncheck the Enable Avast sounds box. For those who have a custom seem pack installed, uncheck the utilization voiceovers sounds settings.

Pick the notifications you need to silence: Avast has six “events” which have notifications connected together. These occasions are Threat detected, Suspicious item detected (we recommend you retain both of these on), Potentially undesirable program (PUP) detected, Scan complete, Automatic update, and Firewall query. You can uncheck these boxes too.

Turn off popups

From time to time, we provide our users other security products, but we know should you not need to visit the notifications any longer. Our customers who’ve a compensated-for form of Avast, come with an choice to turn individuals off completely.

Once more, open the Avast interface and visit Settings » General. Scroll lower a little, and you’ll look for a heading known as Popups. Expand might you will see all sorts of options. You are able to discontinue seeing all popups, however, you might miss an alert or alert, therefore we don’t claim that. Rather, you are able to tweak the duration (the number of seconds the popup seems) of the different sorts of popups. It’s all organized for you personally, so that you can adjust all that’s necessary.

Users in our free product can alter the time period of the popups.

Turn off Software Updater

Software Updater is definitely an very helpful feature since it notifies you about outdated software that requires your attention. You are able to, however, look for outdated software by hand by opening the consumer interface. So if you wish to disable the notices, go to Settings » Tools » Software Updater and then click Personalize. Uncheck the choice Notifications (popups) enabled.

You may also switch off Software Updater completely in Settings » Tools. Slowly move the slider towards the OFF position.

Turn off Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is really a standalone optimization tool that cleans and accelerates the body by removing bloatware, trialware, malware, along with other undesirable junk so your computer is running in the most optimal condition.

Rather of turning it totally off, we recommend that you simply customize the settings. For instance, you are able to tell Cleanup to inform you simply whether it finds some issues or after a quantity of your time, say, monthly.

But if you wish to switch off Avast Cleanup pop-ups, then open your Avast interface and visit Settings » Tools » Cleanup and click on the Personalize button. Uncheck this area that states Always test this computer for performance issues. You may also switch off Cleanup completely in Settings » Tools. Slowly move the slider towards the OFF position.

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