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THIS PAGE NEEDS FORMATTING AND TEXT FROM SOURCE from http://groups.google.com/group/iitdlug/web/documentation-workshop---8-march-2008

A Workshop on Documentation




Venue : II-LT1

Date : 8 March 2008 Time : 2 - 6 PM

Objective : Everyone needs to document, report or present their work at some point or the other. And this is often the most neglected part of the entire work. For this reason one tends to overlook some of the very important aspects of presenting the work nicely. This workshop tries to Introduce Various Aspects of Documentation and Presentation that can be easily accomplished using free and open software.

Who can attend and present : Anyone with interest can register to attend or present at the workshop. We take registration seriously as it helps us plan the workshop venue and other logistics better. You MUST register before 12 hours. In our first workshop, only 30 registered but 120 - 150 came to attend. There is no registration Fee, and the registrations are open till. All you need to do is , click on "edit this page " and add your name and then save page.

Nature of workshop : We have inspired from barcamp /osscamp style of organising workshops. anybody can contribute in any-manner he/she want.

Will there be any Video Recording ?: Yes, most likely , all workshops of LUG@IITD will be recorded. License scheme have to decide. But we expect our video on educational channels and our website sites.

We are Presenting

     Add your name and topic and expected duration of lecture. We need your experience in variety of topics, please share it

hey guys, keep on adding names, we may split our workshop in some two or more sections, ???

Name of topic, Name of presenter, I belongs to IIT Delhi , Expected duration of talk

1) Editing using VI editor By Mayank Joshi (20min to 30 mins) 2) Introduction to latex By Neeraj Goel (30 mins to 45 mins)

   - Why do we need latex for documentation (a fair comparison with MS Word)
   - Basic latex features and commands
   - Demo of small documents
   - More latex features - tables, figures, math, fonts
   - Presentation in latex using prosper

3) Document Your C++ Code with Doxygen By -- Naresh Kumar 4) tit-bits of documentation - By-- Narendra Sisodiya ( 45 minute to 90 minutes )

  a) Introduction to Wiki and Web2.0 World. How to edit wikis
  b) exporting your openoffice presentation to flash
  c) convert utility
  d) XvidCap for  Screen Recording
  e) Quick Block Diagram in OpenOffice presentation and making Images and Pdf form them
  f) Any Program --print to file--> .ps --ps2pdf--> .pdf

5 ) Make your plots with PSTriks/ PGF+Tikz & GNUPlots

    +  A small Introduction to the Kile + "Beamer class" for making good pdf -   By --  Ajay Gahlawat

We are Contributing for organizing , we need contribution from members like poser making , poster pasting, logo , advertising, projector setting, sitting arrangement. all are listed into task-list.

---- those who are presenting , need not to make extra efforts.

Name - belongs to IIT Delhi - Entry no . - Address - Contact (optional) I am LUG@IITD member

1) Alok Singh Mahor - yes - 2005CS50207 Nilgiri 9968144150 yes

2) Mayank Kumar - yes- 2006ee10331 jwalamukhi 9911638002 yes

TASK LIST -- 1) Venue Decision and talk to UG section and book the room -- [ Narendra ] [DONE] -- 1.2 ) issuing Projector Key and checking the room at working condition -- on 7 march --1.3 ) taking a extra VGA cable for projector -- 2) Poster making -- -- 3.1) main Poster Pasting -- on before 4th march -- 3.2 ) posters showing "way to 2LT1" on 8th march -- 3.2 ) making a attendance sheet and rotating it -- 4) food arrangement

any other task,  ??

We are attending:

Name Belongs to IITD Entry no. Address I am LUG@IITD member Contact (optional)

1. Narendra Sisodiya yes 2006EET2473 Zanskar yes 9999232792 2. Sourav Mondal yes 2007TTF2972 Jwalamukhi yes 9999892245 3. Pankaj meghrajani yes 2006ce10277 nilgiri yes 9911492706 4. Y.NagaMohan yes 2007EEN2491 karakoram yes 9873306674 5. Alok Singh Mahor yes 2005CS50207 Nilgiri yes 9968144150 6 jagdeep kataria yes 2006JID3042 IGNOU yes 9810557053

7   sahil joshi                      yes                           2006mt50449         kumaon                      yes                           

8 Ajit Singh yes 2003EE50401 Nilgiri yes 9968041093 9 Nitin Vishen yes 2007TT10674 Vindhyachal yes 9891795317 10. sanjeev kumar no iet-alwar yes 9887140062 11. chirag goyal no iet-alwar yes 9413787935 12. Mayank Kumar yes 2006EE10331 jwalamukhi hostel yes 9911638002 13 kavita Bhardwaj yes 2007EEZ8325 Himadri Hostel yes 9953454528 14 seema Sharma yes 2004MEZ8068 Himadri Hostel yes 9911918150 15 Mayank Joshi yes yes 16 Gajendra Khanna yes 2007EET3115 kumaon yes 17 Sulabh Varshney yes 2003CS10190 aravali yes 18 Nishant Ranka yes 2006EE10333 kumaon yes 19 APOORV JAIN YES 2007CE10249 ZANSKAR YES 9212399112


21 C. A. Tomy Yes ---- Nalanda yes

22 anand advani no jiitu-noida yes 9718049808

23 Naresh Kumar yes 2006PH10617 NIlgiri yes

24. V.V.Mani yes 2003EEZ0017 Nalanda yes 9873273641

25. K. Swaroop Kumar yes 2006EET2481 Zanskar yes --

26. Shikha Gupta yes 2006EET2486 Himadri yes

27. Naresh yes 2006EET2487 Zanskar yes --

28 Satyasaran yes 2006jca2981 Zanskar yes

29.Shamayita Patra yes 2006TTF3062 Kailash yes 09891615208

30. Debasish Ray Chawdhuri yes 2006TTF3055 Kumaon yes 09911601115

31. Najmur Rahman        Yes                   2003ESZ0001                 Nilgiri                    No          
32. Yash Sahay  no  9868883825
33. PUNEET JEPH             yes                2005EE10342               Karakoram             yes               9891847834

34. Nishant yes 2005ee10339 Karakoram yes 9312743409

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