Quad Monitor Stand (4 Monitor Stand)

There are many explanations why we don’t recommend a 4 monitor stand. First of all think about your strength from the desk. A quad monitor stand is very heavy generally the load is underrated and may leave serious marks you are cooking. Next, you’ll in many scenarios understand that you’re really not using a couple of monitors that will forcefully cause you to attempt to outthink a scenario in which the quad monitor stand could be advantageous because you used lots of money in it.

Then when is really a quad monitor stand helpful? There’s two differing types methods The pyramid 4 monitor stand and also the 2×2 desk quad stand. The pyramid quad stand is undoubtedly for that extreme gamer, since some games nowadays are playable using this type of setup. The 2nd option the 2×2 desk quad stand is mainly utilized in offices, especially medical places like hospitals or extreme programmers. However, if you are planning set for a 2×2 desk stand, then you will want monitors which are below 24?. This stand isn’t intended for wide screens and also you won’t have the advantages of a large screen in cases like this.


The VIVO Quad LCD Monitor Desk Stand is built using high-strength steel and light-weight aluminum. It may accommodate monitors the size of 24? and no more than 13?. At 22 pounds per arm, it may support as much as 88 pounds of monitor weight combined.

This quad stand includes a triple monitor display that extends over the first row along with a fourth center monitor that’s elevated above within the center. This pyramid setup enables for several horizontal versatility. The very best monitor includes a 15° tilting range. It’s important to tilt the very best monitor lower to really make it simpler to determine whenever you lookup. On each side, along side it monitors can fold in 10° to 20°, with respect to the size the monitors you use. We chose this quad LCD stand due to how affordable it’s. We love to the versatility it offers the cost. These kinds of stands could possibly get costly, so searching for stands that provide this kind of versatility and strength at its cost point caught our attention. Around $100, this pyramid monitor stand is among the best overall values that people discovered. It’s not for individuals that like the 2×2 square setup. When the monitor arrangement matches your needs, this can be a are in position to you should consider.When you are getting towards the triple and quadruple monitor stands, strength starts to become major factor. The stands must be capable of supporting lots of weight without trembling or sagging with time. You spent a great deal in your monitor so you should make certain they’re stored safe with the proper type of stand. This isn’t a location where you need to skimp on cost. The VIVO enables you to save cash without compromising on strength.

The mount attaches with VESA 75×75 or 100×100 fittings. It features a dynamic joint system which enables the consumer to tighten the joints and lock all things in place or have them loose and adjust the monitors while you work.

The cables could be attached at the end from the arms and lower across the base. This prevents them from sight because they extend through the foot of the desk. There’s two methods to secure it towards the desk. It may be attached on the top from the desk via its 12”x14” flat base, or at the rear of the desk having a clamp.The pyramid system is and not the most appealing for a lot of. It comes down lower as to the you want between this along with a 2×2 stand.

Quite a few users have reported the arms will begin to sag with time. This can not jeopardize the security from the monitors however, along side it monitors could drop underneath the center one fourth inch approximately, that is noticeable.

This really is partly because of the lengthy arms from the monitor. If you are planning to mount heavy monitors on each side, you might have difficulties with sagging lower the street. If you’re maxing the monitor sizes with this stand at 24” each, you’ll have some limitations using the position you are able to point along side it monitors towards. Within this situation, you might be restricted to merely a slight position change with respect to the kind of monitors that you’re using.

If you’re searching for something sturdier, a 2×2 setup may get better because of you. If you want the triple monitor setup and wish to add a fourth monitor without making major changes, this is an excellent compromise.

This can be a well-built stand which comes in an affordable cost. It is best suited to 4 promising small to medium-sized monitors. If you are planning to maximise the computer monitor size this stand works with, you might have some versatility limitations. In addition to that, we loved what we should saw out of this quad stand.

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