5th LUG@IITD Workshop - Basics of Linux Usage


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5th LUG@IITD Workshop

This will be the first workshop for Sem I 2008-2009 session. It will focus on the basic philosophy and useful usage tips for those who are unfamiliar with Linux systems. The workshop shall take place in II LT2 on 31st July (Thursday) from 2 to 5 pm.

Thanks everybody for a wonderful response at your workshop. (Google also recognises it- the keywords "lug workshop" show us in the top three on google!)


Please Add your name to topics you would be interested to deliver short presentations on. Feel free to add new ones.

Also add your name to the second (I am attending) table/list if you want to register for the workshop. You will need to sign up with the site and login to edit this page to register.(For signing up please click on the create an account link on top right corner of this page).If you have connection issues you can also register by sending your details - name, phone no, course etc to [email protected]

Proposed Topics

Following are the proposed topics. This is the likely order of presentations.

Presentations should be sent by July 29th night to Gajendra. Shall be moderated offline with you to minimise repetition.

Topic Name Duration Authors Link to presentation
History of Linux and Distros 15 minutes Gajendra Nand Khanna http://lug-iitd.org/images/1/11/Gnk5thpresentation.odp
Unix Commands of everyday use - Basic and networking 30 mins Neeraj Goel/Sonali Chouhan http://lug-iitd.org/images/6/65/Unix-lug.odp
Some Wonderful Softwares for Everyday Use 5 Minutes Arun Singh (External Speaker) http://lug-iitd.org/images/c/ce/Linux_Softs_LUG%40IITD.odp
Using GNUPLOT 10 minutes Mayur M Vegad http://lug-iitd.org/images/0/02/Gnuplot.odp
Tips on Using Debian and Ubuntu 10 Minutes Gajendra Nand Khanna http://lug-iitd.org/images/1/11/Gnk5thpresentation.odp
Linux Tips and Tricks 20 Minutes Gajendra Nand Khanna http://lug-iitd.org/images/1/11/Gnk5thpresentation.odp
Tips on Using Fedora 10 Minutes Mayank Kumar http://lug-iitd.org/images/c/c3/Fedora_tips.odp
Latex - A wonderful tool for Assignments and Slides 20 Minutes Sonali Chouhan http://lug-iitd.org/images/8/8b/Latex.pdf
Using vi editor, C, C++ compilation, Makefiles 20 Minutes Neeraj Goel http://lug-iitd.org/images/c/c1/Vi-lug.pdf
Using GNU Octave 10-20 Minutes Alle Naveen http://lug-iitd.org/images/8/80/Navi_octave.odp
Using xfig/dia/Inkscape for Diagrams and Flowcharts 20 Minutes  ? (Did not take place)

View These Presentation Online

I am Attending

Add your details here. If answer is No to whether you are on mailing list your e-mail ID shall be

added so that you are updated on events. (You need to make an account above and login to edit this page).

Number Your Name Mail ID Cource Phone No Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on Mailing list)
1 Gajendra Nand Khanna [email protected] M.Tech.(Computer Technology) IInd Year - Yes Yes
2 Radhakrishnan.S [email protected] M.S(R).(IEC) IInd Year - No No
3 Rajendra Kumar Uppal [email protected] M.Tech.(CA),IIT,Delhi - No Yes
4 Ishan Chhabra [email protected] B.Tech (CSE), 1st year, IIT Punjab. - No Yes
5 Sarika Agarwal [email protected] MTech (Optoelectronics and Optical Communication ) Final Year - No Yes
6 Mayur M Vegad [email protected], [email protected] Research Scholar, EE Dept, 93134 55526 Yes Yes
7 Mr Ramesh [email protected] Research Scholar - -
8 Anikender [email protected] Research Scholar - No Yes
9 Ankur Kumar [email protected] B.Sc (H) Computer Science, Delhi University, Third Year 9968023094 No Yes
10 Wishwajit [email protected] MTech (RFDT) I year 9873414342 no Yes
11 Ashutosh Sharma [email protected] MTech (RFDT) I year No Yes
12 Mahendra N [email protected] M.Tech (JTM) No (presenting) Yes (on list)
13 H.Lokeshwor Singh [email protected] Research Scholar No(presenting) Yes(on list)
14 Simon [email protected] CES - No No
15 manish [email protected] B tech(elec power) 2nd year - No No
16 Abhishek Jain [email protected] Elect engg B Tech 1st year 9717577473 No Yes
17 Ravi Gupta [email protected] B.tech Civil Your Phone No 9873464720 - -
18 Achal Premi [email protected] Integrated M. Tech, Maths & Computing 9911168016 No No
19 Rajmani Gaur [email protected] M Tech(ssm) 9953477257 No Yes
20 Pranav [email protected] B. Tech Electrical Your Phone No No (presenting) No (on list)
21 darpan khurana [email protected] B.Tech Electrical engr 9990912343 No (presenting) No (on list)
22 Kiran Dhamale [email protected] M.Tech Computer Technology 09718280685 No (presenting) No (on list)
23 anuj chauhan [email protected] B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) 9968185341 No Yes
24 Amit Khanna [email protected] M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) - No No
25 Prateek Reddy [email protected] M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) - No No
26 sajjan dahiya [email protected] M.Tech (SSM) 9999892671 no Yes
27 Mayuri Agrawal [email protected] M.Tech,Thermal(Mechanical) - No No
28 Akanksha Mathur [email protected] M.Tech.Thermal(Mechanical) -- No --
29 madhvendrasingh [email protected] RFDT 9868732595 no no
30 Shariq Bharat [email protected] MCA 9718015529 No No
31 Ashu Mamgain [email protected] Research Scholar Your Phone No No Yes
32 Prayas Maheshwari [email protected] Chemical Engg. 09911009888 No (presenting) No (on list)
33 Rajesh [email protected] Mathematics and Computing 09911505237 No (presenting) Yes/No (on list)
34 Arvind Kumar [email protected] MTech (Phy) - No -
35 Gyanendra Singh - MTech (Phy) - No -
36 Jagroop - MTech (Phy) - No -
37 Nidhi Paliwal - MTech (Phy) - No -
38 Andronicus [email protected] MTech (VDTT) 9718265614 No No
39 Kapil Jain [email protected] MTech(vdtt) No No
40 Nalesh S [email protected] Mtech(IEC) No No
41 Tarun Agarwal [email protected] Mtech(VDTT) No No
42 Anil Sharma [email protected] R/Scholar 26596430 No No
43 Rahul Pardeshi [email protected] M.Tech.Design(mechanical) Ist Year 09990912560 No No
44 manoj singh [email protected] M-TECH( IEC) 2008 no no
45 Nijesh C [email protected] M.Tech IEC No No
46 Sambasiva Rao K [email protected] M.Tech,Process Engineering and Design ----- No (presenting) No (on list)
47 Sanjiv Kumar [email protected], [email protected] Research Scholar (Biomedical) 9968130722 - -
48 kapil tyagi [email protected] M.tech. CARE Your Phone No no Yes
49 Sankalp Gupta [email protected] MTECH in RFDT no Yes
50 Ajit Singh [email protected] Final year, Elec. Engg. (dual) +919968041093 No Yes
51 Abhishek Malhotra [email protected] B.Tech Mech. Engg. +919873100306 No No
52 Akshat Goel [email protected] iitd-btech-Ist yr 9953933422 No No (on list)
53 Sukhdeep Kaur [email protected] Research Scholar 9868-709808 No Yes
54 Sindhu R [email protected] Project Staff, Dept of CSE -- No No
55 Aanal [email protected] M.Tech(Computer Technology) 1st year -- No No
56 Chetna Singhal [email protected] M.Tech(Computer Technology) 1st year -- No No
57 Ganesh Prabhu [email protected] Ph.D, Centre for Rural Devep and Technolgoy Ph:26596347 No No
58 Sumit Gupta [email protected] Int.MTech (Maths & Computing) 4th year -- No No
58 Abhishek kumar [email protected] Int.MTech (Maths & Computing) 2nd year -- No No
60 Sarv Parteek Singh [email protected] B.Tech(Manufacturing Processes and Automation),2nd year - No -
61 Mazid [email protected] M. Tech. (SSM) 9873605047 No Yes
62 Mustafa Hussain [email protected] MTech JCA -- No No
63 Bhupendra Singh [email protected] M.Tech JCA 09891909033 No No
64 Somnath Jha [email protected] PhD(Atmospheric Sciences) +91-9999277244 No No
65 Jatin Sapra [email protected] B.Sc.(Prog.) Comp. Sc. III yr +91-9958770221 No No
66 no Yes
67 Sahilender [email protected] Project Scientist 09312373336 No Yes
68 Sadia Fatima - M.Tech CS 1 year 09311868282 No No
69 Savita [email protected] MCA - No (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
70 vikram [email protected] IEC 9899987535 No (presenting) No (on Mailing list)
71 Anil.P [email protected] M.Tech Phone No No (presenting) No (on Mailing list)
72 Phani Kumar .P [email protected] M.Tech Phone No No (presenting) Yes(on Mailing list)
73 Parthasarathy P [email protected] M.Tech Phone No No (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
74 Ankur.K [email protected] M.Tech Phone No No (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
77 guna [email protected] PhD 9910769632 No (presenting) Yes(on Mailing list)
78 Jeevarathinam [email protected] Ph.D Chemical Engg. 9868020681 No No
79 Kalpana Arora [email protected] Ph.D Rural Development 9958200572 No No (on Mailing list)
80 Spandan Dutta [email protected] B.Tech(Computer Science),2nd year - No No
82 shahabuddin [email protected] M-TECH IEC 9460261653 no no
83 Avinash Gutta [email protected] M.Tech IEC 9811393669 No Yes
84 Nagaraj N [email protected] MTech IEC 9953665136 No (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
85 Sharad Vijaykumar [email protected] M.Tech IEC -- No No
86 SHWETA AGARWAL [email protected] M.TECH IEC 9717967306 No (presenting) No (on Mailing list)
87 khushboo bhartia [email protected] VDTT Phone No 9717967304 No Yes
88 M S CHAITANYA CHIGATAPU [email protected] M.Tech IEC ------ No (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
89 Smrita singh [email protected] M.Tech TEC 9999733628 NO NO
90 Asheesh Thapliyal [email protected] MTech IEC ----- no yes
91 dinesh [email protected] m.tech iec 09985538449 No (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
92 Anurag Tyagi [email protected] M.TEch IEC 9868817031 No No
93 Amit Jain [email protected] B.E. IT 9911704631 No Yes
94 ajay singh bist [email protected] mtech iec Phone No 9990911162 No (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
95 Dharmendra Kumar [email protected] B.E ECE 9999455816 No (presenting) Yes(on Mailing list)
96 Shailendra Kumar Jain [email protected] research scholar Civil 9312373336 No No
97 Harinder Singh [email protected] Project associate VLSI lab 9868653992 No No
98 Anubhav Jain [email protected] B.Tech (CSE), 1st year, IIT Delhi. 9810986686 No No
99 Vinit Rai [email protected] B.Sc. (H)Computer Science II year 9312570518 No Yes
100 Vivek Gupta [email protected] Jamia Milia - No No
101 NEHA KALRA [email protected] Bsc(H)computer science ,Delhi university, third year No(presenting) No (on Mailing list)
102 Pallavi shotriya Bsc(h)computer science ,Delhi university,Third year No (presenting) No (on Mailing list)
103 Shelly Gupta Bsc(H)computer science,delhi university,third year No (presenting) No (on Mailing list)
104 Surya Pratap Singh [email protected] +2 9811770413 Yes(presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
105 Agrim Arora [email protected] Mathematics and Computing 9868874601 No (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
106 Rahul Bhutani [email protected] Mathematics and Computing 9818673356 No (presenting) No (on Mailing list)
107 Ankit Malik [email protected] Mathematics and Computing 9868172950 No (presenting) No (on Mailing list)
108 Ravi K ravi_ku@rediffmail.com Ph.D Chemistry Phone No No (presenting) No (on Mailing list)
109 amit anand singhutkarshanand@yahoo.co.in +2 Phone No Yes (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
110 Tejpal Sharma tejpal.sharma@gmail.com Project Associate, Block-VI 9899682470 Yes (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list)
111 parvez alam parvez.prem@gmail.com Msc chemistr II year 9891815832 no No (on Mailing list)
112 subrata batabyal subrata.batabyal@hotmail.com Msc chemistr II year no no
113 raghwendra swarup raghuinheart@yahoo.co.in M.Sc chemistry 2nd year 9718017446 no no
114 Puneet Kapoor puneet.kapoor6@gmail.com MTech (CS) Phone No Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on Mailing list)
115 Indranil Pan mail id Mtech Energy studies Phone No No (presenting) No (on Mailing list)
116 Akash Khandelwal akash3119@gmail.com cs btech 2nd year 09891740083 No Yes
117 Aditya Deorha aditya.deorha1@gmail.com ee5 3rd year 9868023746 No (presenting) Yes (on Mailing list
118 T.Raga Naresh Kumar naresh_raga@yahoo.co.in M.tech(Computer Technology) 9711348702 No(presenting) No (on Mailing list)c
119 Sample Name mail id course Phone No Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on Mailing list)
120 Sample Name mail id course Phone No Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on Mailing list)
121 Sample Name mail id course Phone No Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on Mailing list)
122 Sample Name mail id course Phone No Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on Mailing list)
123 Sample Name mail id course Phone No Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on Mailing list)
124 Sample Name mail id course Phone No Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on Mailing list)

Workshop Related Tasks and Volunteers

Task No of Volunteers Needed List of Volunteers Deadline and status of Task
Booking Room 1 Gajendra/Rajan Aggarwal Before 28th. (Completed)
Getting Key on Workshop Day 1 Gajendra/Naresh Kumar On Workshop Day/previous day (Completed)
Designing Poster for Workshop 1-2 Mayank Kumar (Help by Gajendra) By 22nd July. (Completed)
Printing and Photocopying Poster 2-3 Gajendra Nand Khanna By 22nd July Night. (Completed)
Putting Up Posters in IITD and general publicity 8-10 Mahendra, Kuldeep, Chaitanya, Gajendra By 22nd July Night. (Completed)
Signing up New students for List on Registration Day 20+ Mahendra, Kuldeep, Tarun, Gajendra Completed.
Help on Workshop Day 5+ Mahendra, Rajan, Arun Completed
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