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FLOSS Unconference

An unconference is a facilitated, participant-driven conference where anyone can come up with a topic and present, having no formalities of a conference.
Everybody is welcome to present and Order of talks is decided on the spot. Refreshments shall be provided.
The Poster for the workshop is here

Team Members

The following is list of team members. If you wish to take part too please add your name below and contact one of the workshop coordinators.

Mentor (cum student coordinator): Gajendra Nand Khanna

Workshop Coordinators: Mahendra Nimishkavi and Mayank Kumar

Team Members: Kechit Goyal, Vikas Sarangal, Amartej Singh, Naresh Kumar, Saurabh Gorecha, Sanat Sarangi, Rupesh, Rajan Agarwal.


If you wish to present on a topic of your choice please add your name to the table below. Anyone interested can present. Its a learn and tell workshop. If you have been delaying learning some language/tool do it now and present as a topic to help others too.

Topic Name Duration Authors Presentation url
OpenCV Will be updated Mayank Kumar Will be uploaded
Versioning Systems + Eclipse + Doxygen 20-30 minutes Naresh Kumar Will be uploaded
Socket Programming Will be updated Rajendra Uppal Will be uploaded
Walk through Python 20-30 minutes  ? Will be put up later
Opensource for dummies - OSScamp -
Evolution of FOSS - OSScamp -
Understanding Unconferences - OSScamp -
Sahana Disaster Management System - OSScamp -
Blender Re-Re-Visited! - OSScamp -
OpenStreetMap Introduction - OSScamp -
TCL/TK Programming 20-30 Minutes KIran Dhamale Will be put up later
Overview of Perl 10-15 minutes Dr Savita Goel ** -

** - attendance is probable -- not confirmed

I am Attending

Please register [here|http://osscamp.in/node/11/signup] for the event Please read this before attending -- Click Here

Number Your Name Mail ID Course Phone No Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on Mailing list)
1 Narendra Sisodiya narendra DOT sisodiya AT gmail DOT com -- 9379075930 Yes Yes
2 Rajendra Kumar Uppal rajen.iitd [at] gmail.com -- 097113-14961 No Yes
3 sahil gupta [email protected] -- 9971340680 no Yes
4 N.Mahendra [email protected] M.Tech(JTM) 9999892669 Yes (presenting) Yes (on list)
5 Ishan Chhabra [email protected] B.Tech(CSE), IIT Punjab - No (presenting) Yes (on list)
7 Sumit Sati -- B.Tech(CSE), COT Pantnagar - No (presenting) Yes (on list)
8 sample name [email protected] Course Busy phone no Yes/No (presenting) Yes/No (on list)
9 vishaljain vishaljain1988[at]gmail[dot]com B.Tech[MAIT,IP University] - no (presenting) Yes (on list)
10 Yugal Jindle [email protected] B.Tech[MAIT, IP University] 9717525360 No (presenting) Yes (on list)
11 Tarun Gakhar [email protected] B.Tech[MAIT, IP University] 9953328848 No (presenting) Yes (on list)
12 Mangat Rai [email protected] B.Tech[MAIT, IP University] 9990220117 no (presenting) yes (on list)
13 Tarun kumar [email protected] B.Tech[MAIT, IP University] 9210920399 no (presenting) yes (on list)
14 Alok Singh Mahor [email protected] BTech(CSE) 9968144150 No Yes
15 Arun Singh arunksingh[at]linuxmail[dot] org --- +919873465526 No Yes

Tasks and Assignees

We need more assignees to help. Please add your name to the table below:-

Task No of Volunteers Needed List of Volunteers Deadline and status of Task
Booking Room 1 Mayank Kumar and Gajendra Nand Khanna Completed
Getting Key on Workshop Day 1 Mayank Kumar
Designing Poster for Workshop 1-2 Mayank Kumar and Bilal
Managing this workshop page 1-2 Kechit Goyal
Printing and Photocopying Poster 2-3 Alok Singh Mahor
Putting Up Posters in IITD and general publicity 8-10 Bilal, Alok
Help on Workshop Day 5+ Mahendra N
Video Recording 2+ Mayank Kumar
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