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7th Workshop

LUG@IITD is going to complete its 1st year of existence. We achieved many of our goals during the year. From workshops to repo management, a vibrant group to our success in Open House, we rocked everywhere.

As a celebration, we wanted to have a one day long session focusing on increasing the reach of the group and bringing new people to the open source world.

New ideas for the session are invited. We request all the group members and open source lovers to come forward and deliver. You need not be an expert in the field, just share your experience with all. Make your presentation as interactive and practical as possible.

There are four categories in which you can present.

  1. Basics of Linux (for newbies)
  2. Web development

The Poster for the workshop is coming soon.

Date, Time and Venue

Date: 18th Jan, 2009

Time: 1.00 PM

Venue: II LT1, IIT Delhi

Directions : From Main Gate of IIT, ask for WinT or Library, there point are very famous and located at teh main institute area. From any of there point you can ask SCOOP stationary shop, It will take 1 minute to raech at SCOOP. II-LT-1 is located just beside the SCOOP , which you can easily locate.

Team Members

The following is list of team members. If you wish to take part too please add your name below and contact one of the student coordinator.

Mentor (cum student coordinator): Mayank Kumar

Workshop Coordinators: Mahendra Nimishkavi

Team Members: Alok Singh Mahor,


Topic Name Duration Authors Presentation url Category
Making Your own wiki, Twiki 30 Min Anoop - Web Development
Latex - Making a thesis 20 minutes Mr. Hitesh Shrimali - Intermediate
Linux for newbies 1 Hour Mr. Gajendra Khanna - Beginner
Web Site for Start ups - Drupal CMS 1 Hour Mr. Mayank Kumar - Web Development
Python from 0 to 100Kmph in 2 hrs 1 Hr 30 Min Vivek Khurana - Beginner/system admin/Web Development
Beginning PHP 45 min Amrit Singh Saini - Beginner/Web Development

** - attendance is probable -- not confirmed

I am Attending

Please read this before attending -- Click Here

No Name email course mobile presenting(yes/no) on mailing list(yes/no)
1 Mayank mayank.grd[at]googlemail EE +919999109525 yes Yes
2. Alok Singh Mahor CS5 No yes
3. Vivek Khurana hiddenharmony <at> gmail [dot] com N/A 9868512000 yes No
4. Sumit Sati [email protected] N/A 9456310255 no yes
5. Harsimran walia [email protected] ME 9718280678 no yes
6. Amit Gupta [email protected] CH +919873724682 no no
7. Sahil Gupta [email protected] CS +919971340680 No No
8 parminder [email protected] CS 9310912831 NO NO
9 Gajendra Nand Khanna gajendrakhanna[AT]gmail dot com M.Tech.(Computer Technology) +91-9968176075 Yes Yes
10 vaibhav agrawal [email protected] CS 9911012776 No Yes
11 Ankit Prasad [email protected] MT 9990910624 No Yes
12 Ishan Chhabra ishan.chhabra (at) googlemail CS +91-9899613033 No Yes
13 swati yadav [email protected] ec Phone No No Yes
14 Nagamohan.Y [email protected] M.Tech.(IEC) 9873306674 No Yes
15 Rajan Aggarwal [email protected] Phone No9891751912 Yes (on Mailing list)
16 vikas sarangal [email protected] ph Phone No No Yes
17 Abhishek Bafna [email protected] B.Tech(EE) 9350462285 No Yes
18 Saqib Mumtaz [email protected] EE 9811253889 N0 Yes
19 Rohit Taneja [email protected] EE 9971429590 No Yes
20 Abhishek Jain [email protected] EE 9717577473 No Yes
22 Sanjeev Kumar [email protected] EE 9899368758 No Yes
23 Sangeet Aggarwal [email protected] EE 9871114117 No Yes
24 Vidit Aatrey [email protected] EE 9250666766 No Yes
25 Sanchi Bansal [email protected] EE 9911559364 No Yes
26 Yogesh Kumar [email protected] CS 9868631403 No Yes
27 Saurav Mahajan [email protected] CS 9717967623 No Yes
28 Anupam Dev Goel [email protected] CS 9717967298 No Yes
29 Nitin Aggarwal [email protected] CS 9953134599 No Yes
30 Sahil Aggarwal [email protected] CS 9717556432 No Yes
31 Abhinav Punia [email protected] CS 9968769243 No Yes
32 Ankit Tomar [email protected] CS 9717676287 no yes
33 Arunim Samat [email protected] CS 9868201642 No Yes
34 Manav Goel [email protected] CS 9268718142 No Yes
35 Akash Singh [email protected] CS No Yes
36 Gaurav Mahajan [email protected] MT 9717966858 No Yes
37 Anuj Chauhan [email protected] CS 9968185341 No Yes
38 Prashant Batra [email protected] CS 9711988375 No Yes
39 Amit Bisai [email protected] MT 9953665154 No Yes
40 Harsh Prasad [email protected] cs 9999109555 No Yes
41 SRIJAN SANKET [email protected] CS 9868985478 No Yes
42 ANKUR DAHIYA legalos.LOTR*at*gmail.com CS No Yes
43 SHASHANK SHARMA [email protected] CS 9868740659 No Yes
44 Simranjit Singh [email protected] cs 9811692289 No Yes
45 Swapnil Jain [email protected] cs 9717479102 No Yes
46 P Govind Raj p.govind.raj[at]gmail.com MS(R) EE 9899997541 No Yes
47 Karan Chaudhary [email protected] CSE 9876578982 No yes
48 Arun Singh [email protected] CSE 9873465526 No Yes
49 srikanth katikala [email protected] ee 9953686122 yes yes
50 prateek [email protected] CSE 9968378627 no no
51 Kiran Dhamale [email protected] EE 09718280685  ? yes
52 Sripad [email protected] EE2 +919990912205  ? no
53 Nitin Garg [email protected] CS5 9990036974  ?  ?
54 Nikhil Sinha [email protected] EE 9999917211 no yes
55 Ujjwal Tak [email protected] EE 9968353295 no yes

Tasks and Assignees

We need more assignees to help. Please add your name to the table below:-

Task No of Volunteers Needed List of Volunteers Deadline and status of Task
Booking Room 1 Mayank Kumar Done
Getting Key on Workshop Day 1 Done
Designing Poster for Workshop 1-2 Done
Managing this workshop page 1-2
Printing and Photocopying Poster 2-3 Abhishek Garg Done
Putting Up Posters in IITD and general publicity 8-10 Freshers
Help on Workshop Day 5+ Arun Singh
Video Recording 2+ Arun Singh.
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