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The Problem

Browser incompatibility of student registration website.
The current student registration website ( is only accessible only in IE browser (the default browser found in commercial Microsoft's Operating System). There are many many good browser such as Firefox present in the market which are not only free of cost and open source software but even supported in All type of Operating system. Student registration website is not compatible with other browser such as Firefox. Many student who do not "like" Microsoft's Operating system use Linux as default operating system which has proven to be safer and best in industry for server's as well as desktop users. We at LUG@IITD want browser compatibility of student registration website.

Solution Proposed

There were many discussion and protest emails and direct talk to administration, but no result. Finally Ishan Arora gave a solution in which we need not to modify the old website but need to install his greasemonkey script for firefox browser.

However this is a not a permanent solution. But it is a good solution for mozilla users.

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