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LUG@IITD The GNU/Linux User Community at IIT Delhi



LUG@IITD is an initiative of the students of IIT Delhi to promote the use of GNU/Linux among its students and staff.

Letter Submitted to Dean


GNU/Linux is one of the fastest growing Operating Systems in the world. It is a free clone of Unix whose licence guarantees the user the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. It was developed as part of the Free Software Movement by developers around the world. It is a popular operating system in many departments of IIT Delhi and need was felt for a community to ease collaboration among all.


Linux User Group at IIT Delhi (that is, LUG@IITD) is the ”student driven” community formed to fill the void at IIT Delhi. The community was formed on January 12th 2008 and has been growing from strength to strength since then. All individuals of suitable interest can be members. All existing and potential GNU/Linux users are strongly encouraged to join this group for contributing to the development of the Linux community in IIT Delhi.

Goals of LUG@IITD

The goals of LUG@IITD are enumerated below:-

Events conducted by LUG@IITD till date

LUG@IITD has organised a lot of events to promote use of Linux since its inception. The community is very active and has conducted a workshop at a rate of almost one per month. (Groups in other colleges have only one or two per semester!). The events conducted till date are as follows

Ist Workshop

The first workshop was done on 06th February 2008. It covered basics of linux, shell programming and also gave demonstrations on installation of a few popular distros. Over 150 participants thronged to the workshop even forcing a change of venue in between to allow all to sit!

IInd Workshop

This workshop conducted on 1st March 2008 was named Coda Voda whose theme was Programming. Programming related topics including C and Fortran programming on Linux, Advanced C Programming and Scripting with Ruby were among those covered in the well received workshop. There was also a special topic on Blender, the animation tool used for games and movies which attracted many enthusiasts.

IIIrd Workshop

The theme of the third workshop done on 8th March 2008 was Documentation. In today’s world correct presentation of ideas is very important and documentation helps us achieve that end. This workshop covered many topics including Code Documentation using Doxygen, Documentation using Latex, Wiki as a Documentation tool, Gnuplot for plotting and Inkscape.

Open House 2008

LUG@IITD participated in IITD’s open house. open house 2008 where we organized discussions, talks and demos on various aspects of Linux, both for school children and grownups.


LUG@IITD held an installathon where members went and installed GNU/Linux distributions in hostel rooms on request!

Workshop on Basics of Linux Usage

This workshop was the first one of the 2008-2009 semester. It acted as a good introduction to the students of newer batches and those looking for an introduction on topics of their choice. In addition to basics usage the topics covered included:-

A session with OSSCamps

LUG@IITD in collaboration with OSSCamps, India’s largest FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) unconference organised a two day event on 27th and 28th September. Professionals from all over came to deliberate on a wide range of topics including:-

This event was found to be very useful for the attendees particularly since it attracted many industry personnel working on FOSS projects, companies and technologies. It provided a valuable opportunity to the students to understand real world technologies and trends. We shall be collaborating with OSSCamps in the future also to further this goal.

Other Major Activities of LUG@IITD

Mailing List

LUG@IITD has an over 500+ strong mailing list on google groups where students share their problems and discuss on topics of mutual interest. The information about various events and activities is also shared here. All interested in joining the mailing list can join by visiting

LUG@IITD Website

LUG@IITD has its website at which hosts a number of articles of interest to users. It is a wiki based site and LUG@IITD encourages its students to put information there. Interested individuals are encouraged to host pages there.

Internal CSC Repository

In association with CSC Personnel, LUG@IITD maintains an internal repository accessible at or . This internal repository hosts the CD/DVD ISOs of many distributions, study material, software, documentation and repositories for Debian etch and Fedora. The unique feature of the repository is that it also has many free software for windows like Firefox, Open Office and Latex for Windows (texlive) at the location which is accessible all over IIT.

Last but not the Least

LUG@IITD is growing and hopes that all of us will continue to strengthen the community’s efforts. Faculty members and CSC staff have been very cooperative throughout which has really fuelled its growth. Students are encouraged to come forward to participate in all the LUG@IITD activities and also collaborate on projects of interest to them.

By - Gajendra Nand Khanna, Mtech (ComputerTechnology) IInd Year 2007EET3115 November 7, 2008

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