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Linux CD/DVDs

If you are unable to download from or you dont want to download or you just want to experimenting with Linux Operating system CD/DVDs are available for use. contact Alok Singh Mahor in Nilgiri Hostel (room no C34), you can contact him

Linux Distributions

Debian Linux (in academic+Hostel area) has the following debian resources:-

   * installation DVDs (i386 and amd64) for Debian Etch
   * installation CD (kde) and DVD of i386 for Debian Lenny Beta2
   * custom etch cd with 2.6.23 kernel (basic net installer only) for newer systems from kenshi muto's site.
   * repositories for i386 etch as explained in Debian Help page.
   * w32codecs, w64codecs and libdvdcss2 (for reading dvd menus for i386 and amd64) in the misc folder 
          o as deb files. Install with the dpkg -i filename.deb command as root. (from

Fedora Core

   * has repo, iso available.
      F8 - updates daily

Gentoo Linux

   * livecd-i686-installer-2006.1.iso - Ishan Arora, Aravali (contact via email/mailing list)
   * install-x86-minimal-2007.0-r1.iso - Ishan Arora, Aravali (contact via email/mailing list) 
   * Portage snapshots and distfiles - (hosted in Aravali, updated daily) (you can use emerge-webrsync instead of emerge --sync)
   * install-amd64-minimal-2007.0.iso (for AMD64/EM64T arch.) - Ajit Singh, Nilgiri (contact via email/mailing list)


   * Knoppix 5.1.1 CD and DVD iso are available at
   * Knoppix 5.3.1 DVD iso can be got at (this version is dvd only)  


   * SUSE-10.0-EvalDVD-i386-GM.iso at however due to server limitation, currently you 
     need to download this big file from and path will be /rsrch2/lug/pub/Linux/extra


   * Ubuntu 8.04 (various versions), edubuntu addon, kubuntu 8.04 and xubuntu 8.04 CDs are available at                                                                                                                                                          
           o (7.10 also available for ubuntu/edubuntu)
           o Ubuntu versions available are i386 Desktop & Server, Alternate CD (for ltsp+edubuntu)
   * ubuntu 7.10 i386 DVD - Ishan Arora, Aravali (contact via email/mailing list)
   * ubuntu 7.10 i386 ,64 bit CD and SU1030.001 Saurabh Gorecha (contact via e-mail)
   * Ubuntu Ultimate-1.7-i386 DVD - Ajit Singh, Nilgiri (contact via email/mailing list)
   * Ubuntu Desktop-7.10-i386 CD - Ajit Singh, Nilgiri (contact via email/mailing list)
   * Ubuntu Desktop-8.04-i386 CD - Ankur Gupta, Satpura (contact via email)

Specialized Softwares

   * Matlab
         o (or at
   * Openoffice (for Linux and Windows)
   * Some special softwares like Firefox3, webilder, flash and ies4linux are available here        

Free Software for Windows

   *  has many free software for windows.
     These include the following:-
     o Firefox 3
     o Ext2fs (ext3 driver for windows to allow you to access most linux partitions also)
     o OpenOffice 2.4.1
     o Devcpp an IDE for C/C++ for windows with the GNU Toolkit (A wonderful alternative to TurboC++)
     o Doxygen for windows (A wonderful documentation tool for code in many languages including C, C++, Perl)
     o Eclipse SDK for Windows (A Java IDE)
     o Mplayer including essential codecs for windows
     o pidgin instant messenger (which supports most messenger protocols)
     o md5sum software for windows (Useful to find md5sums for iso you download)
     o wget for windows (an excellent downloader)
     o Texlive 2007 installer CD (the best Latex distribution. Latex is a wonderful tool for documentation,
       technical writeups, books,articles) (has installer for win32 and others too)
     o Ghostscript viewer for ps files
     o Octave 3.0 installer (this is a Matlab clone from GNU) and its graphical frontend QtOctave.
     o Python2.5 win32 installer (Python is a wonderful easy to use language)
     o 7zip (archive tool for windows - 30% better than winzip in some cases)
     o Apache http server for windows
     o VirtualWin (to have workspaces in windows)
     o ISORecorder (32 bit, 64 bit for Vista to burn dvd and 32 bit for XP to burn CD).
     o Wireshark (A network Analyser Software)
     o Stardict with dictionary (A dictionary software)
     o winxp virtual CD control panel
     o wordbiz
     o Perl for windows (Perl, a prominent scripting language)
     o putty (to access linux machines in windows)

Other Repositories

   * CSC department -
         o Many softwares and study material (tutorial and books are available).
         o also has many useful things.  
   * EE department's FTP server -
         o software for development for embedded devices, open office, ubuntu linux
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