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Network Installation for Fedora 6/7/8 on Intel machines.


Network Install


You have two options for this step1

option a

Need to download the rescue-image (a iso file) for Fedora 8. The path is

for 32 bit machines —>
for 64 bit machines —>

download it and burn it directly ( with Nero in case of window and K3B in case of Linux) Now boot for this CD. suitable for DVD less systems.

option b

a tftp boot server is yet to be set, so currently you cannot apply PXE boot, which bypasses the need of burning rescue CD. It will be suitable for CD/DVD less systems.

step 2

after booting just manually set IPv4 addresses and suitable subnet mask and gateway address. and the It will prompt for method of installation. select HTTP and set these two parameters

IP or Host name = directory or path is =

for 32 bit machines — > pub/Linux/Fedora/releases/8/Fedora/i386/os/
for 64 bit machines — > pub/Linux/Fedora/releases/8/Fedora/x86_64/os/

Everything rest is same, as you do with normal CD / DVD installation.

Plz prefer to install Fedora 8 over 6 and 7 as local updates and yum repos are available,

If you are doing installation from dept building or Hostels, then IP will remain same — > ,

Contact : Narendra Sisodiya

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