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Drupal Delhi meetup is a gathering of drupal enthusiasts in Delhi. This meetup is focused at getting together and coding for drupal. The event will focus on module development and theme development for drupal. There will be two talks, one focused on drupal module development and another one focused at drupal theme development. Following the talks we will have hacking session for coding a module and a theme.


Date: 1st March 2009.

Time: 1 PM onwards. Venue: II LT1


  1. Best (on-spot) Module development
  2. Best (on-spot) theme development
  3. LFY will sponsor one year subscription to each to winner of best module and best theme.


Mr. Kaushal Kishore won the prize for Best on-the-spot theme design contest.

We received request from all the attendees that 2 hours was a short time to finish the module so the module contest was extended by 36 hours. We had to spend extra time judging the entries as two entries were just fantastic. We had tried all the entries received, checked the bugs and came to a conclusion. We will have two prizes for the module contest. One winner as per original plan and a consolation prize. So ladies and gentlemen please give a round of applause to Mr. Ravi Gupta for winning the Delhi drupal meetup module design contest. His idea to find the changes in database over a time-period and show them as insert, update and delete queries, was loved by all of us.

Another interesting entry we received was from a college student who decided to link tag words with wikipedia was liked by everyone we showed the module too. Though his code had some bugs but given the fact that he is still an undergraduate and his code quality was upto the mark, we decided to give him a consolation prize. So ladies and gentlemen please give a round of applause to Mr. Amit Sethi for writing the wikipedia linking module. We will be working with him to fix the bugs and offer him any guidance he needs to complete the module, to be submitted to

We will shortly be uploading the modules here to allow for others to have a look at.


Mayank Kumar +919999109525

Vivek Khurana 9868512000


Sponsor Co-Sponsor Media Parter
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  1. Developing Drupal modules
  2. developing themes in drupal

Requirement to attend the meetup

You should carry a laptop with drupal development environment setup as per instructions given here

New to Drupal, want to learn ??

1. For IIT Delhi Students. visit

2. For others please refer these books.

  1. Building powerful and robust website with drupal 6 by david marcer
  2. Learning Drupal 6 Module Development

Find here a getting started guide to drupal. We can also schedule a drupal introductory session on Saturday. Let me know, if anyone is interested.

--Mayank Getting started with drupal

I am Attending

Please fill up these details. This helps a lot in managing tbe event. For Editing You need to make a Login

No Name email mobile Experience with drupal development(yes/no) Interested in hacking drupal code(yes/no)
1 Mayank mayank.grd[at]googlemail +919999109525 yes yes
2 Vidit [email protected] - No yes
3 Sangeet [email protected] - No yes
4 Gaurav Paliwal [email protected] - No yes
5 Ankur Gupta [email protected] 9760102441 No Yes
6 Vivek Khurana hiddenharmony [at] gmail <dot> com - Yes Yes
7 Pratul Kalia pratul [at] pratul [dot] in - Yes Yes
8 Ankur Saxena flyankur (at) gmail (dot) com - - -
9 Ashish Kumar [email protected] 9999693553 No Yes
10 Ravi Sagar [email protected] - No Yes
11 Sahil Singla [email protected] 9910492447 no yes
12 Dhiraj Pandey [email protected] 9312047648 yes yes
13 Navneet Rastogi [email protected] 9336945366 no yes
14 Ammar Ahmad [email protected] 9410455905 no yes
15 Asheesh Kumar [email protected] no yes
16 Sumit Srivastava [email protected] 9451858833 no yes
17 Rahul Daryani [email protected] 9219124507 No Yes
18 Gajendra Nand Khanna gajendrakhanna [AT] gmail [dot] com 9968176075 No Yes
19 Nikhil Saxena [email protected] 9453449649 no yes
19 Zoya Rasul [email protected]
no yes
20 Sweta Singh [email protected] 9368143473 no yes
21 Rahul Kesharwani [email protected] 9927751116 no yes
22 Mir Nazim mirnazim {at} gmail {dot} c o m 9990334829 yes yes
23 Fahad Tasleem [email protected] 9897902569 no yes
24 Farha Naaz [email protected] no yes
25 Priya Jain [email protected] no yes
26 Ashwani Gupta [email protected] no yes
27 Jagmeet Singh [email protected] no yes
28 Imran Mansoori [email protected] no yes
29 Anoop Dubey [email protected] no yes
30 setu dutt [email protected] no yes}
31 Sidharth Kshatriya sid.kshatriya[--@--]gmail[--.--]com no yes
32 Ehsan Quddusi ehsan.quddusi[AT]gmail[DOT]com 9419422263 yes yes
33 Ravi Kumar [email protected] 9917980783 no yes
34 Prateek Dehran [email protected] 9456419637 no yes
35 Muhammad Inam mohdinamshah(@)gmail(.)com 919858426521/919717585443 yes yes
36 Ankit Mishra [email protected] 9990073272 yes yes
37 Bharat Sharma [email protected] 9911383347 yes yes
38 Kaushal Kishore [email protected] 9312649602 yes yes
39 Shambhu Nath Pandey [email protected] yes yes
40 Ankur Aeran [email protected] yes yes
41 Satyaakam Goswami [email protected] yes yes
42 Usman Aarif [email protected] no yes
43 Hari babu gupta [email protected] no yes
44 Sarvesh kumar vikram [email protected] no yes

Tasks and Assignees

We need more assignees to help. Please add your name to the table below:-

Task No of Volunteers Needed List of Volunteers Deadline and status of Task
Booking Room 1 - -
Getting Key on Workshop Day 1
Designing Poster for Workshop 1 Sangeet 23rd Feb, 2009
Managing this workshop page 1-2
Printing and Photocopying Poster 2-3
Putting Up Posters in IITD and general publicity 8-10 Ankur ( in lugs in noida,gaziyabad)
Help on Workshop Day 2-3
- 1

News/Media/Blogs Coverage

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