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Still like the old FAQ page , Genesis points to be added,historical tidbits to be added

   * Who you are? 
   We are the Linux Lovers of IIT Delhi. Please read About Us
   * ok, Who owns this community and this website?
   This website belongs to LUG@IITD community. You are invited to join us. and community cannot be owned
   * Well, I am a Linux Novice, Do you organize Installation Workshops?
   yes, mostly we have installations when we have Geek meetups almost once a month , where you can come with your laptop or Desktop (no need to bring monitors) so that you can install Linux in Expert Guidance.
   * Ok, it sounds Interesting, But do you organize other workshop?

we have planned to organize Installation Workshops, Hack Workshop, Tech-Seminar, Tutorials , HowTo-Workshops. Its depends of mood of members. Anyone can organize. There is no central decision for it.

   * Wow, anyone can organize it!!! How?

meeting and workshop depends on mood of members. If you think that you there is a right time to organize meeting, or some sort of workshop then go to our group mailing list and post your opinion to have something. if other member will show interest and then create respective pages on this website and invite everybody to join. at the final stage include it in upcoming events. This is very simple barcamps style of organizing such event.

   * what can be the theme of workshop?

We told you, Its all depends on members. Anything related to Linux. For example if you know how to configure Apache server you can present this on Tech-Talk Workshops or HowTo Workshops. Whenever these workshop are proposed, go to the respected page and add your name and topic on that page. You can be work in group of 2 or more also. You need not to be expert for presenting anything.

   * what will be the level of workshops and other events?

They will range from absolute novice to super advanced. Infact we can invite guest presenter for some special topics, which can be out of IIT also. If you want to deliver a guest lecture or guest contribution then please contact on our mailing list.

   * Who can Join? How can I join? Is there any member fees?
   Zero membership fees , anyone can join us.
   * what are the ways of contribution?

You can help us in organizing workshops. This include many task from posters to arranging water. Various tasks can be found on respected pages of a event.You can take part in presenting in a workshop or meeting. You can write for us on this website. You can be part of discussion process by putting a eye on mailing list and attending regular meetings.

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