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This will be a meeting of GNU/Linux enthusiasts, with two broad agenda one is Technical and Non-Technical nature , the organizational and event discussions are basically of Non Technical Nature and all the presentations from Python Users group and GSOC participants will be technical in nature. You are free to add to any other points broadly in these two categories.

We generally go out for Snacks/Dinner after the meetup depending on the time spent and calories burnt :-) , so be prepared for a long day.



Fees : Zero


  1. Big Number of GSOC students have made to this years programme on GSOC , so lets celebrate that with recording interviews and sharing with wider world outside.
  2. GSOC students can present there project ideas short five minutes talks.
  3. In the Last NCR Python meetup Debyan again mentioned about why the regular yearly big event is not happening in North region , i think this is the apt time and place to fan this thought process and know from all stakeholders, here is some background about what has happened so far with respect to event in Delhi
  4. Pythonistas agenda to talk about and get larger audience to the event in Pune

If you want to talk on a topic please update the vacant space above.

Installations of Linux Distros is available - come with laptop, we will install GNU/Linux.


Same as previous. Talk , Discuss, Participate, Present, Show your current work and involvement in FOSS. not a fix guidelines but it is open.

During Meetup

While you are at the Event you can use !GeekMeetupD or !lugiitd or !iitdlug to share something about the event on so that it appears on Group timeline.


Minutes of the meeting

We started at around 11.30 with all the telephone call and guiding the folks around the Campus to the SIT, I started with a bit of his story (History), I had to do this almost every time to get the context of why we are meeting and setting the pace of the agenda in action. The room #001 was full before we could settle down. More that 35+ folks were present. There were few fresh faces both from on and off the campus.

GSOC students were called in first. I randomly picked. Karan was the first student who talked about his experience. The next few lines are not mine. I asked for volunteers and Arulan T graciously accepted the offer to take the notes for the rest of the session. I hope he has done a very good job of doing so, it will take me at least a week to cover and add more links etc. to the whole list of information he was able to jot down.

A Big thanks to Arulan for Patiently noting down each and every detail about the proceedings.

1) Karan Pratap TALK GSOC @ 11.38

Google pays you for open source projects. they will assign (1 or 2) mentors to each student.students get paid around Rs.2 lacks or $5000 , interaction is mainly through irc, mailing list

Some suggestion for making the Cut  :

Start early

if you contribute patches(source code, fixing bugs) then chances of that organization picking you as a intern is high

chat with mentors and mailing list in good english. Do not use SMS english.

start to chat with mentors now itself for next year GSOC goals

not only coding, think about algorithms , try to implement and test it.

Qs: what are all the languages students must know to approach gsoc ?

eg : It must to know the basics of html, c, js for firefox

Tips :

students should learn about IRC

192 students are participating from India in this gsoc 2011.

His project :

working for KDE

project is kde plasma educational build desktop environment to children class below 5. they are feeling difficult to operate computer working in c.

telepathy library for communication. its framework , modular back-end connection. its high level library. for eg gtalk using this telepathy.

Mail UI of kde is plasma.

Sugar is default interface in olpc.

2. Pradush :

Project : Sahana

a to build widgets to save search for the users, subscribe in twitter, fb, etc. If there any update in any social network that should be mailed or sms to the user.

3. Vikash Agrawal

There are more to participate than just GSOC  :

Ruby summer of code, Women outreach program under Gnome Session of code, kde, Endless vacation of code

My project : improving XKB implementation in XCB

I never done bug patch yet. Have to start now. :-) and this is my first open source contribution

xkb - keyboard module of XCB

Protocol is written in XML, which is parsed by a python code to generate header and source files

       irc     :  Vikash
       gmail   :  vikashagrawal1990 [at] gmail [dot] com
       twitter :  @ivikashagrawal

4. Vaidik Kapoor

Project: Integration of Google Apps in Drupal

Drupal - Content Management System.

Its also a framework (CMF).

2 aspects of getting into GSoC.

* either you are doing GSoC for the name sake of it


* really want to get in to real development, community work, contribute. Then GSoC is one of the way.

Why I am working in GSoC: a. I am a web developer b. I love Drupal c. Wanted to contribute to Drupal and learn some real cool stuff. d. I chose GSoC.

Google Apps: You can get a domain, and register with Google Apps. The data will be in Google's cloud. You can use Gmail's interface for your own mails (like company mails), Google Docs interface for managing docs specific to your domain, and similarly all other services exclusively for your domain. Indian educational organisation google apps doesnt register. US educational organisation has registering google apps.

Google Docs: We can use it for any documentation and collaboration while doing documentation or other work like presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

My Project: Integration of Google Apps in Drupal - moreover, development of a framework for Drupal using which Google Apps services can be integrated and used in the future. Will use this framework to integrate Google Docs in Drupal. This is also a part of my project.

How I get into open source & Drupal : I did RHCE last summer. I was a web developer. I was using PHP and was using windows before using Linux. As a web developer, I felt the need to use Linux. I am student of JIIT, NOIDA. They have conducted OSS (open source camp).

Senior (Ankur Saxena - flyankur) helped me to get into FOSS, Linux, Drupal and Google Summer of Code.

If you get into GSOC, then it will be relatively easier to get jobs in places like Google, Mozilla, etc.

5. Dhananjay Sathe student from Bits Pilani

projects : Samba

gui interface with samba. To configure makes user feel bad. making automatic from samba4 using dcrpc and gtk. To configure windows, smaba3 and samba4 by very easily vis gui. Add printers and more portable, which will connects windows and linux.

I moved to fedora.

He showed demo of gnome3.2 shell gnome3.2 shell and kde4.3

open suse and fedora is most compatible with gnome3 shell. ubuntu has few bugs still.

6. Gaurav Paliwal Student at University School of Information Technology

Project :

       1. General feedback Mechanism for  OpenMRS .
       2. More about OpenMRS Project:  About .
       3. Design Page for Project :  Here .
       4. Implementation Ideas Page :  Here .
       5. Working in Hibernate/Spring/Java.
       6. Feedback Tracking System for OpenMRS.
       7. User can report  feedback like :
            7.1. system is too slow,
            7.2. add a new concept
            7.3. 1, 2 should be send to admin.
            7.4. Admin will solve the problem else forward it to the developer list/file a bug in case it is related to it.
       8. Presentation

gsoc students talk finished at 1pm

Narendra Sisodiya

3 years back I started iitd-lug. We conducted foss workshop I am working on few projects. 7 students are working with me. And we are doing research in Free and Open Source softwares.

project :

optimize uploading slide presentation to web.

He wrote web-inkscape.

Instead of sending video, I approach new method.

Writing app for send screen share, by selecting size of the screen. Basically slide casting is sinking the slide and audio . And upload to web.

Instead of recording video of speakers, slides and his audio... we can merge the slide and audio alone. Finally we can upload the web.

Firefox We dont need flash.

It looks like video. Its slide casting. Its combination of slides, images and audio. we can move forward, back word as like normal video. We are using html and js.

video takes 100 MB, it takes only 10 MB. Because video takes 90% and audio takes only 10% alone. by this way we can reduce the size of the video tutorial.

He showed demo of the slide casting.

He showed source of his project html , js, and jquery.

He wrote slide plugin for jquery.

using wxpython and timer library in python. User can use odp and pdf.

Also explained the end user interface structure.

link :

contributions : svg-edit create 2 years backhand timer module in python

problems: we cannot record ourself using video recorder camera, to share our learned stuff to the public. solution : For solve this issue, we can record audio alone along with slides. and share it to the web. it will look like video for the end user.

How to create slide using html :

Instead of creating slide using OO, latex we can create slide using html.

showed demo of slide show.html. This will resize the slide according to the end user screen resolution. :-) Its really cool stuff. Also added html audio support.

We are creating firefox addon (zhtml). zhml - > zipped html file. In progress.

Satyakam - Coordinated today's meetup.

Lunch @ 2 pm we had to break up into small groups since going to a single Canteen would have created more chaos in one single place , Kapil in the end after 10 minutes of discussion decided to lead us to a Canteen nearby. This place was already buzzing with people , more than 30 items in menu , both Veg and Non veg were there , the prices were really cool. popular items on demand were Lassi for 10 Rs , Dosa , Idly , Rajma and Rice.

@ 3.30pm

Satyakam Announcement:

        I gave a prelude to the things that has been happening our last few months and every time the same topic of having a Mega event is popped up , i threw open house for the discussion concerning Events in general and every one was heard talking about there view point.

About Geek Meetup :

Discussed by Nalin :-

1. Few do not like to interact with community, they should start to do it everyday in their free time. 2. Find mentors around you. 3. Do you want meetup for the sake or really interest to do meet 4. We have to discuss about the next geek meetup after discussion finished at each and every geek meetup 5. What extend should be talk 6. Have a planned talk 7. Bigger workshop, bigger community

After Nalin Narendra stood up and gave a three point agenda for the group , his opening points were valid , suppose we need to cover 500 colleges in NCR region it would take more than 10 years to cover @ 1 college per month . so the idea is so identify one stake holder from each college or region and give the task of

                  1)Basic Adovocacy using a FOSS kit.
                  2)more focussed events based on the verticals after the first one is done
                  3)then plan for a long term Mega event where all of the folks from all the areas will merge.

Prof.Andrew Biotechnology, JNU

Talked about the work so far has been done for

focuses : cms drupal wordpress joomla

development environment tools version control technical stack

mobile android gadgets ipod/iphone

system admin cloud virtualization networking


phase 1 : intro about language to students phase 2 : start workshop phase 3 : start to contribute

phase 1, 2 & 3 works then phase 4 will work.

phase 4  : February 2012

volunteers can pick up any phase/module and start to build the basic building for that.

Akshat goel : Showed demo of his own html5 game

Dhananjay Sathe : Explained about many things like kernel, python docstring

Rohit : Showed his python pdf viewer in wxpython window. This is part of slide caste project

Parin Sharma : Explained about FOSS in english and hindi. Free Software : Free means Freedom Discussed more than half an hour about this stuff.

Special thanks to Prof Andrew for sponsoring the place and Nimbu Paani :-) , Kapil and Sachin for guiding us around the Campus and Anmol for staying till the end to close down the place.

Meeting ended at at 6.25 pm

Photos of the Event

  1. pics and videos from my cam --Satyaakam 22:55, 12 June 2011 (IST)

Presentation Slides

--Satyaakam 19:41, 3 June 2011 (IST)

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