Geek meetup - 14 Jan 2012


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Its been long since the last geek meetup and guess what - the wait is over !! This time it is being organized by Amity Linux Assistance Sapience (ALiAS).


Non Amity students / employees / professionals will be allowed inside campus through Gate Number 1. Please make sure that you don't get off you auto on the other side of the campus, it will be a long walk otherwise.


Fees : Zero


If you want to talk on a topic please update the vacant space above.

Installations of Linux Distros is available - come with laptop, we will install GNU/Linux.


Same as previous. Talk , Discuss, Participate, Present, Show your current work and involvement in FOSS. not a fix guidelines but it is open.

During Meetup

While you are at the Event you can use !GeekMeetupD or !lugiitd or !iitdlug to share something about the event on so that it appears on Group timeline.


The following members were present at the meetup.

Minutes of the Meeting

The meetup started with a discussion about for Delhi/NCR. Satyaakam talked about the prospects of the project and shared the information regarding resources available for contributing to the project. He also talked about the ways in which one can contribute, which include - development, data collection etc. The talk ended on a note that the participants would setup the development environment within a week.

Narendra took up thereafter and discussed about the "sexiest" language he has ever seen : javascript. He gave a live demonstration for simple concepts and also highlighted the instances when javascript can be used.

Arulalan then gave an introductory presentation on python - The slides are available here .

After the meetup

We sat in the cafeteria after the meetup and over evening refreshments we had the traditional "introductions" and came to know more about fellow LUG members. It was there that our new members namely Hans, Arijit, Abhishek, Madhav, and Satyajit were encouraged to get more involved with the community and try to organize and attend more such events.


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