Geek meetup - 16 Jan 2011


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Fees : Zero


Please select your topic of presentation or discussion or sharing. It can be anything like if you install GNU/Linux and what he felt and how you fix problem or just a share like I went to this ATM and that is Linux based Or your college project where other can put expert comments Or just what you would like to tell.

You have good amount of time, appx 15-20 days, Please prepare and make a good presentation and let other also do same and have a another successful meetup.

  1. kinshuksunil - Introduction to LibreOffice and How you can contribute
  2. Debayan Banerjee - An international knowledge network
  3. Narendra Sisodiya - QuickStart on cakephp using bake - Make your First MVC web application.{it depends on time left}
  4. Anuvrat Parashar - Experimental discoveries of a Distro hopper.
  5. Gaurang Aggarwal, Narendra Sisodiya & Anuvrat Parashar - Introduction to QT for creating GUI application in Linux & QT WebKit
  6. Narendra Sisodiya - Why we should donate to FSF - (10 minute)
  7. Parin Sharma - Why Search with DuckDuckGo and other ways to enhance privacy over Web!

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Same as previous. Talk , Discuss, Participate, Present, Show your current work and involvement in FOSS. not a fix guidelines but it is open. Infact parallel room should be available for those who just want to see face and discuss or just a social gathering. ADD, modify the purpose guidelines.

Restriction of Meetup

After the event stuff

== Photos of the Event ==
Pictures from Anuvrat Parashar's camera
== Presentation Slides ==
Anuvrat Parashar's talk on "Discoveries of a Distro Hopper"
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