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You cannot open this website in Firefox/Chrome. It only display under The most stupid browser on earth which is IE (Internet Explorer). However, you can open it using FF on Ubuntu by changing "user agent". It welcome with: "This Connection is Untrusted"

Found following requirements listed there.

1. Computer with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 (with all upgrades)

2. Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above.

3. Legally valid class III Digital Signature Certificate. (Note: Class III DSC for Safescrypt is under testing & integration)

4. Internet Connection.

Five page document :Step to use nProcure on "Windows VISTA":

Which demand :Uncheck the “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your Computer”: uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown. (Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)

Above message cam when I tried to download eToken, its home page gave following message (difference is of domain name only; error / warning is same) : uses an invalid security certificate ...

See more at -

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