Kick off meeting


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Kick off Meeting

             To be held on on 1st Jan , 2011 1-5 pm
             Address  : F11/8, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, India, 110017
                      : Near Gol Chakkar, Near Malviya Nagar Metro Station (Exit from Max Hospital Gate)
             Contact  : One can contact me at 93121 66995


i want to call for a meeting in support of , to discuss the following, also any other items i missed please add

think most important part in this project is support in terms of funding , infrastructure and information about network .

1) He can generate some paltry sum by charging people who come for the events.
2) We can give him support from the organisational perceptive think of orgs like DEF, Sarai,CC,NRCFOSS, POSSE, CDAC or people with commercial interest too i see some alignment here.
3) Support her/him with donations .
4) Website support , creation , transcription etc...


Add your names to the list.

  1. GT Rao
  2. Narendra Sisodiya
  3. Satyakam Goswami
  4. Anuvrat Parashar
  5. Prashant Garg

Minutes of the Meeting

Aim: project for advocacy of Free and open source software and it priciples

Satyakam Goswami suggested GT Rao should get aadhaar from Narendra suggested and is going to create a one day training package to be delivered by individuals across India.


Website: Vinay Singh Rathore , Aditya Balapure
Design of Posters: TBD
Publicity: Facebook,Twitter,website, updates and news letters
Video Recording: TBD
Interviews : Interview lined up with LFY

--Satyaakam 15:15, 31 December 2010 (IST)

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