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Linux User group @ IIT Delhi has been dedicated to promote and educate students of IITD and around about linux and FOSS. This is our 10th workshop from January last year, which covered plethora of topics and field of expertise. We are known to collaborate with other societies and group of students with similar motives. We have conducted combined workshops with OSSCamps and have tried to tailor our workshops and events to the needs of school going students and teachers during Open House at IIT Delhi. This year we will be collaborating with | Technocracy to conduct workshops in IITD.

Linux Kickstart Camp is our first attempt this year to bring the new freshers, both undergraduates and postgraduates into our society. It will cover basics of linux operating system, Shell programming and many other important aspects. Anyone could register for the event, both as a presenter and as an attender. Please feel free to contact the undersigned for any further details and queries. --Mayank 18:42, 3 August 2009 (IST)

If you are attending then Please read this before -- Articles/FAQ_for_Linux_Workshop

Team Members

The following is list of team members. If you wish to take part too please add your name below and contact one of the workshop coordinators.

Workshop Mentors: Gajendra Khanna, Narendra Sisodiya

Workshop Coordinators: Ishwadeep Singh sood (9911110482), Mayank Kumar

Workshop Organising Team : Alok Singh Mahor, Kiran Dhamale, Supriya, T. Naresh Kumar, Aanal,Munagala Naresh babu , Arun Singh


Date: 09 August 2009.

Time: 1.45 PM onwards.

Venue: IIT Delhi, Room II LT1

Workshop Poster


If you wish to present on a topic of your choice please add your name to the table below. Please respect the theme of the workshop when choosing your topic. Anyone interested can present.

Topic Name Duration Authors Type Download
A Introduction to Free and Open Source World 45-60 minutes Narendra Sisodiya Presentation
Some Wonderful Free & OpenSource softwares for Everday Use 15-20 minutes Arun Singh Some tips'n'Tricks for daily routine tasks/Hands on some practical demo
Debian/Ubuntu Tips and Tricks 20 Minutes Gajendra Nand Khanna Presentation
Video Editing on Linux 20 Minutes Gajendra Nand Khanna Presentation
Creating memorable photographs with linux. 45-60 minutes Vivek Khurana Hands on session
Blogging with open source 30 minutes Gaurav Pant (dexter) Hands on session

** - attendance is probable -- not confirmed

I am Attending

click here to Add yourself

Number Name Mail ID Course Phone Number Are you on mailing list(yes/no)?
1 Mayank mayank.grd AT B.Tech EE 9999109525 yes
2 Alok Singh Mahor alokmahor AT B.Tech CSE 9968144150 Yes
3 Vinay Tigga tigga3189 AT B.Tech TT 9873443189 No
4 Narendra Sisodiya narendra.sisodiya AT R & D Engineer, Tejas Networks 9312166995 Yes
5 Disha Goel disha11dec AT OSS Tools Engineer 9711580836 Yes
6 Arun Singh arunksingh[AT]linuxmail[dot]org Solaris Module-Tech Evangelist, Sun Microsystems. +91 9873465526 Yes
7 Abhinav Garg inbox[DOT]abhinavgarg[AT]gmail[DOT]com B. Tech, CS 09654318286 Yes
8 Jasmeet Singh jasmeetsinghbhatia [AT]gmail[DOT]com B.Tech , IT (software trainee , Monsoon multimedia India , Noida) 9990717370 yes
9 Pranav Agrawal [email protected] 2008EE10354 9990912812 Yes
10 Chanukya Krishna Chama [email protected] EE 9910768659 yes
11 Gaurang Agrawal [email protected] ( IT ) 9268745147 Yes
12 Deepak Shevani [email protected] MTech ( MCS 09 ) 9540422460 Yes
13 Siddharth Srivastava [email protected] B.Tech(CSE) 9968307137 Yes
14 Kumar Satyam [email protected] MCA 9650250248 yes
15 Fan Nannan [email protected] MTech ( MCS 09 ) 09886974321 yes
16 Manu K. Mohan [email protected] B.Tech (C.S.E) 09717712519 yes
17 Gurpreet Kaur [email protected] MCA 09711662450 yes
18 Samrat Gupta [email protected] B.E. 09808170034 yes
19 Monika [email protected] MCA 09868756267 yes
20 Siddhartha [email protected] B.Tech CSE +91 9990265431 yes
21 Stanzin Gyalpo [email protected] B.Tech CSE +91 9990237591 yes
22 Aditya Mondal adityamondal AT gmail DOT com B.Tech ECE +91 9871597807 yes
23 Anil Kumar anil47kumar AT hotmail DOT com B.Sc.Engg.(Mech) 9310959490 yes
24 Sunny Hasija [email protected] B.E. COE +91 9540260366 yes
25 Divyesh [email protected] M.Tech IEC 9650243823 yes
26 Bharat [email protected] M.S.(R) IEC 9911841158 yes
27 Manas Panda [email protected] M.Tech IEC 9911850437 yes
28 Karthik. v [email protected] M.Tech IEC 9891224145 yes
29 Abhishek Jain [email protected] MCA(SE) 9871829868 Yes
30 arjun jain [email protected] B-tech(it) 9811486919 Yes
31 Shikhar Kohli [email protected] BE (IT) 9868111866 No
32 Keyur Patel [email protected] BE CSE 9953553419 Yes
33 Varun Kumar [email protected] MCA(SE) 9971760125 no
34 Ishwadeep Singh Sood ishwadeep AT gmail DOT com EE(dual) 9911110482 no
35 Lakshminarayana L narayana2576937 AT M.Tech(EEE) 9958307017 yes
36 sunil kumar [email protected] M.Tech (EEN) 9911582524 yes
37 Simi Sunny [email protected] M.Tech (EET) 9810204158 yes
38 Anshu Agarwal [email protected] M.Tech (EET) 9540422438 yes
39 Nikhil Sharma [email protected] B.Tech (IT) +919882137390 yes
40 Gajendra Nand Khanna gajendrakhanna [at] gmail [dot]com - - yes
41 Gaurav Bhupesh Parikh [email protected] M.Tech (IEC) 9911616573 yes
42 Rajkamal Bhardwaj [email protected] BTech (IT) (SCJP 1.6) 9318743580 yes
43 Munish Sharma [email protected] BTech (CSE) +919882006108 yes
44 Bhargav [email protected] BTech CSE 9873086950 yes
45 Karan Singh [email protected] B.Tech (IT) 9990963966 Yes
46 Ravneet Singh [email protected] 9899454155 yes
47 piyush kumar [email protected] B.Tech(IT) 9911082639 no
48 AKSHAT BANSAL [email protected] B.Tech(IT) 9910647380 yes
49 Siddharth Vikram Singh [email protected] B.Tech(IT) 9873189867 yes
50 Ajay Arora [email protected] B.Tech(IT) 9990468448 yes
51 Amresh Kumar Singh [email protected] MCA(SE) 9999153590 Yes
52 Vipin B kiduvipin[AT]gmail[DOT]com M.Tech (CTech) 9995660538 yes
53 Dinesh R raghudinesh[AT]gmail[DOT]com M.Tech (CTech) 9654491751 yes
54 Jagabandhu Panda [email protected] PhD (Atmospheric Sciences) 9873442910 yes
55 Pankaj Sharma [email protected] MCA(SE) 9999558672 yes
56 Supriya Karnani [email protected] MTech.(JID) 9213307598 yes
57 Gunjan Kumar [email protected] BTech(IT) 9953568980 yes
58 Vinita Balyan [email protected] MCA 9953665323 yes
59 Rahul Sharma [email protected] MCA 9911550522 Yes
60 Kashif khan [email protected] MCA 9250296789 Yes
61 Saransh Kapoor [email protected] MCA 9818145952 Yes
62 Saharsh [email protected] MCA 9899157338 Yes
63 Ravi Shekhar [email protected] MCA 9811471662 Yes
64 Arun Shanker [email protected] BCA 9968 331 968 Yes
65 JAGVINDER SINGH [email protected] BCA, MSc (Operational Research), persuing PhD 9811749844 No
66 Kartik Mehta [email protected] Electrical IITD 9953881432 Yes
67 Jatin Batra [email protected] CSE IITD 9868128911 Yes
68 Kumar Vaibhav [email protected] B.Tech(CSE) 9873787929 Yes
69 Harsh Pradhan [email protected] MBA 9910579879 Yes
70 Praveen Kumar Srivastava [email protected] M.Tech- IT 9718755328 yes
71 Uma Parthavi Moravapalli [email protected] EE dual deg. 9868283501 yes
72 Ashesh Jain [email protected] EE dual deg. 9911649719 no
73 Ankur goyal [email protected] M tech. CTech. 9990213685 yes
74 Smith S.Thavalapill sst.ddit AT 9990259452 no
75 Vishal [email protected] B.Tech(IT) 09811929259 Yes
76 Sachin Anand [email protected] MCA(SE) 09899642406 no
77 Gaurav Goenka [email protected] B.Tech-IT 9873084017 yes
78 nitin bhardwaj [email protected] B.Tech in prod @ Indus engg 9911637350 no
00 Shanthan.S [email protected] in communications-EE dept 9958307021 no
80 Manoj Ghosh [email protected] MCA 9811686350 no
81 Vijay Krishan [email protected] MCA ? no
82 Anjali Jaitly [email protected] MTECH EEN 9650243818 no
83 Varun P [email protected] MTECH 9873592367 no
84 Inder Pal [email protected] MTECH EEN 099116 16571 no
85 rahul bhardwaj [email protected] mathematics and computing 9871230550 yes
86 shahidali k [email protected] MTECH(EEP) 9958175765 yes
87 Rahul Aggarwal [email protected] B. Tech (ECE) 9999491126 No
88 Atul Kumar Gupta [email protected] B. Tech (ECE) 9911792907 No
89 Vinod Krishnan [email protected] MTech VDTT 9873592356 No
90 Saravana Kumar [email protected] MTech VDTT 9873592336 No
91 Biplob Biswas [email protected] B.Tech(CSE) 9990864475 Yes
92 Chirag Gupta [email protected] B.Tech(CSE) 9718042945 No
93 Shivani Karol [email protected] B.Tech(CSE) 9968283306 Yes
94 Ananthitha A [email protected] Mtech (CEV) 9654215394 Yes
95 sidharth sen [email protected] M S (communication) 9990913083 yes
96 shraddha gupta [email protected] MTech (MCS) 9650243780 yes
97 pawan kumar singh [email protected] B TECH (CSE) 9818976218 yes
98 Devendra Kumar Gupta [email protected] B.Tech. (I.T.) 9310589451 yes
99 Rohit Shukla [email protected] B. Tech (CSE) 9873328137 YES
100 Sumedha Verma [email protected] B.Tech. (CSE) 9891279690 No
101 Ankit Gupta [email protected] B.Tech.(CSE) 9968273564 No
102 Ainuddin Faizan [email protected] B.Tech. (CSE) 9999931010 No
103 Shalini Singh [email protected] MCA 9718089806 YES
104 Prashant Mathur [email protected] MCA 9911021840 Yes
105 Tarun Bharadwaj [email protected] MCA contact Yes
106 Jatin Sharma [email protected] MCA contact Yes
107 Sakshi Malik [email protected] MCA contact Yes
108 Aditya Rastogi [email protected] B.Tech(CSE) 9953858811 yes
109 Yash Dhingra [email protected] B.Tech(CSE) 9971157522 Yes
110 Vakul Jindal [email protected] B.Tech(CSE) 9911616306 Yes
111 naveen B.Tech(IT) 9911406882 no
112 Tej Bahadur [email protected] mca(se) 9868216962 ?
113 Chetan Krishna [email protected] B.Tech(Mechanical) 9990707048 no
114 Faris Fawaaz [email protected] BCA 9999084342 no
115 Monis Shakeel [email protected] B.Tech 9250150666 no
116 Abhayjit Singh [email protected] B.Tech CSE 9811688494 yes
117 Robin Philip [email protected] MCA 9953162013 yes
118 Harsh Vardhan M-tech CSE 9999434034 no
119 link titleRam Dutt Shukla MCA 9718186736 Yes
120 Mohd Ikhlaque Ansari MCA 9350220407 Yes
121 Utkarsh Ohm b tech(cse) 9958788281 no
122 Shikha Jain phd polymer 9999834850 No
123 Milan Agrawal MSc Physics 09990974460 no
124 Amit Jain B.Tech 09999577646 yes
125 Ankit Singhal B.Tech 09891664986 yes
126 Rohit Kumar M-Tech CSE 9810784238 no
127 Hitesh Shrimali PhD EE 9711282464 No
128 Mohammad Dawud Ansari 9015678119 No
129 Saurabh Varshneya B.Tech(CSE) 9015678136 No
130 Fakhre Alam B.Tech(CSE) 9268747653 No
131 Krishna Prasad Khanal B.Tech(CSE) 09350411733 no
132 Devang Gajjar M.Tech(EET) 9650243824 yes

Tasks and Assignees

We need more assignees to help. Please add your name to the table below:- Please read this before --Articles/How_To_Organise_a_LUG_workshop_at_IIT_Delhi

Task No of Volunteers Needed List of Volunteers Deadline and status of Task
Booking Room 1 ishwadeep done
Getting Key on Workshop Day 1 ishwadeep friday
Designing Poster for Workshop 1-2 mayank, ishwadeep wednesday
Managing this workshop page 1-2
Printing and Photocopying Poster 2-3 ishwadeep thursday
Putting Up Posters in IITD and general publicity 8-10 ishwadeep thursday
Help on Workshop Day 5+ Arun
Video Recording 2+ Arun
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