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Safety should be a priority when constructing pits for outdoor fires these kinds of like campfires.

An outside fire can be a entertainment part of outside gatherings away from camping to barbecuing to bonfires. Since with any situation involving fire, security precautions should be taken also safety rules followed to decrease risks of private injury or property damage, beginning with properly measuring the size of some fire pit.

Difficulty: Moderately Simple


Things You'll Need

1 Measure outside some rough circle the size about the base of the fire you intend to build; the typical diameter of some campfire is approximately three feet. Clear circle of grass, rock and other waste lower to bare soil with a spade plus rake.

2 Method any second circle around the first circle 1-1/2 feet larger in diameter besides the first circle. Cover this external ring by gravel.

3 Measure a circle 10 feet larger on all sides than the inner circle. Distinct all flammable waste from it with the rake, including leaves, twigs plus waterless grass.

Tips & Cautions

Choose a place away away from trees and shrubs and that is easy to obvious of all flammable debris. Flames should be on least 10 feet away from the nearest tree or log, including overhanging branches, also 30 feet from the nearest home or structure.

Michigan DNR: Campfire and Out of doors Burning Tips Washington DNR: Correct Design for Your House Fire Ring

Picture Credit Campfire image with Stanislav Davydov out of website ;

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