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The Open House for the LUG group will consist of following events:-


Time Table

All volunteers should have following softwares installed in their system :-

Openoffice, General computing tools will be discussed in both lectures. Educational tools and games will be prime focus otherwise in the first session. In the second session development tools (including some of the above) will be discussed to the extent possible. Some popular distros shall also be discussed. Staff members are specially encouraged to send their kids for the first session.

Extra Note

Each session's lecture shall incorporate some information on basics. The lectures shall be a mix of beginning to intermediate-level material. The aim of the sessions shall be to familiarise the attendees with the tools. I request all members to inform their friends & acquaintances in other engineering colleges/schools in delhi so that they can attend and be benefited.

List of Volunteers

Name Roll Number Address email Phone
Gajendra Nand Khanna 2007EET3115 ND-21, Kumaon House [email protected] 9968176075
Narendra Sisodiya 2006EET2473 Zanskar Hostel [email protected] 9999232792
Mayank Joshi 2007CSY7527 N.A. (Not in hostel) [email protected] 9211807996
Kechit Goyal 2006CS10162 D-4 Nilgiri Hostel [email protected] 9990104649
Vikas Sarangal 2006PH10627 C-5, Nilgiri Hostel [email protected] 9873513381
K. S. V. Naga Harish 2007JID3010 D-70, Nilgiri Hostel [email protected] 9873873312
Sourav Mondal 2007TTF2972 B-82, Jwalamukhi House [email protected] 9999892245
Ajit Singh 2003EE50401 B-53, Nilgiri Hostel [email protected] 9968041093
Mayank Kumar 2006EE10331 B-11 [email protected] 9911638002
Arunkant Singh 2007JID3007 D-09, Nilgiri Hostel [email protected] 9868797414
Amartej Singh 2006cs10154 D-4,Nilgri hostel [email protected] 9873732998


Here is the link of Photos --


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