Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand Review

The Dell MDS14 is a perfect dual monitor VESA stand that gives the very best viewing comfort helping in enhancing your productivity. The computer monitor stand includes a number of different adjustment abilities just like an choice to tilt your monitors, there’s room to swivel the monitors, height adjustment and most importantly from the consumer has the capacity to horizontally slide the computer monitor around the stand. The computer monitor arms provide quality grip and make certain the monitors don’t fall.

The stand is U-formed and since the wire management is simple and cluster free. The area deliver to the wires is sufficient for jumbo wires for example DVI cables or power outlet cables. Even when lots of wires are utilized, the stand handles the esthetics pretty much. The U-formed stand offers space while watching monitors which may be useful for keeping one’s stationary or any smaller objects.


The package could be intimidating also it certainly requires some handwork when compared with other easy dual monitor stands. All of the products required for installing the stand come within the box. This area includes one monitor stand, two Vesa plates, and also the monitor stand base. Cellular phone is fairly easy and also the stand may be used very quickly. A thumbscrew can be used to connect the bottom using the stand riser that makes it very convenient for anybody to put together the stand. The monitors effortlessly click to the stand.


This stand includes two Vesa adapter plates, for 2 monitors. Any VESA Mount monitor may be used around the stand as lengthy because they achieve to 75mm & 100mm. The stand supports as much as 14.3 pounds and monitor screen sizes as much as 24 inches.


The Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand is really a rigid, reliable stand. Dell thought carefully concerning the design.

The stand provides :

  • Individual height adjustment up to 4.33 inches (11 centimeters).
  • It enables the monitors to swivel and tilt from a range of 15o +/-
  • Dual height adjustment up to 4.33 inches (11 centimeters).

Another additional feature that comes with the stand is it provides better cable management. The U-form of the stand provides ample space for that wires that leads newly made cable management. Most importantly from the stand is very stable and also the quality grip supplied by is stand is preferable to other dual monitor stands available for sale.


The primary trouble with this dual monitor stand lies inside the two big feets. The ft fill lots of desk space, but it’s essential to keep your monitors up as well as for a symmetrical look. One other issue may be the weight from the monitor stand. It comes down at 33 pounds which may be difficult for many desks. If you are thinking about to purchase the product, then see if the office is durable enough.


Replacing two separate monitor stands with simply one saves much space, particularly with Dell dual monitor stand that is a sturdy U-formed stand. The integrated cable management space tidies up wire clusters and can nicely stow away your cables. The stand is enhanced for use with Dell monitors with Dell quick release mounting solution. The stand can handle monitors as heavy as 14.3 pounds and screen sizes as much as 23 inches. The Dell Dual monitor VESA stand MDS14 also enables you to position your monitors however you need to. It enables for 2 monitors to slip laterally making certain they’re always on a single level.

The Dell MDS14 is among the best dual monitor stands available for sale. The stand supplies a strong grip around the monitors and makes certain that the monitors cannot slide off or change positions by themselves. The clamp needs around three inches of clearance underneath the desk, and also the arm needs almost one inch for extending from the rear of a desk. A spacer may be needed when the desk is thin. The stand may also be used on the glass desk

The twin arm/ dual monitor stand can be purchased for $95.84 on Amazon . com. While however another variant (Dell MSA14 Single Arm Monitor Stand) which assists just one monitor has a cost tag of $106.99. The Dell MDS14 includes Vesa mounts which enable a person to make use of smaller sized sized monitors with no gap together

The stand weighs 7.2 pounds. The length of the stand are 18.8 x 8 x 6.3 inches and just is available in a dark colored.

The only real disadvantage to this monitor is it is very large in dimensions. The stand is just appropriate for tables that have lots of room to support the stand along with other input or output devices like a mouse, keyboard, and loudspeakers etc. Everybody recognizes that Dell is really a well set up a company in computer manufacturing industry. They never make items that will let lower their clients, or products with unsatisfactory quality. Dell specifically released this are a symbol of their latest selection of monitors. Their primary aim was to supply a quality are a symbol of their monitors. Through the feedback provided to Dell, it appears as though Dell has been successful in creating the things they aimed for. If you possess the money and also the space needed to make use of this stand then you need to buy this stand. This stand won’t allow you to lower. The visual options that come with this stand are superior to other products. The merchandise continues to be tested and validate on Dell systems to make sure it’ll use your pc which is based on Dell Tech Support Team when combined with a Dell system. Should you have trouble with your products Dell support you will need to address it. Those who have bought this stand and therefore are presently utilizing it have provided it excellent reviews. The merchandise has demonstrated to become much better than what individuals had expected, but you will find individuals who weren’t pleased with the dimensions and also the weight from the stand.

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