FLEXIMOUNTS M13 Dual Monitor Arm Review


An excellent computer monitor stand from FlexiMount offered in a lot of versatile options. This can be a monitor mount that may hold between 1 to 4 monitors. There’s a variation that is supposed to hold a laptop alongside a monitor. As this stand offers support for approximately 4 monitors, it is ideal for gaming, video editing, and then any professional work that will take advantage of multiple monitors. As the base mount does not have much to provide, you will find variations of the mount which are everything you can actually need. Overall, this is among the finest mounts available on the market, so hang in there for any more in-depth take a look at what that is available.


These mounts are very simple to install with numerous installation methods. Using the clamp method, you need to make sure that your desk thickness is between 20 and 50 millimeters. This is actually the easiest installations method, which is most likely the recommended that you are simply mounting just one monitor. If you’re considering mounting multiple monitors, however, you’ll need more stability. That’s in which the grommet mounting method is available in. For that grommet method, you may need a desk between 20 and 60 millimeters, and you’ll also require a hole size 8.5 to 70 millimeters. The grommet mounting technique is the suggested method with this particular computer monitor mounts, however the clamp method also needs to suffice.


This monitor mount considers screen size and VESA hole size to make sure that quite a number of monitors is going to be compatible. This mount supports monitor sizes from 10-inches to 27-inches. A few of the variations that hold multiple monitors only support as much as 24-inches, so make sure to make sure that before purchasing. Like the majority of computer monitor mounts, this mount supports monitors with VESA holes which are either 75 or 100 millimeters apart. Another compatibility factor to check out may be the weight capacity from the mount. This computer monitor mount supports a monitor weight from three.3 pounds to 17.6 pounds. To summarize, for those who have a monitor that’s been made lately it’s most likely that it’ll have VESA holes suitable for this mount, and it’ll most likely be considered a lighter monitor too.


Next, we are considering the bottom mount’s versatility plus some from the variant mounts. The bottom mount supports one monitor only, which is not so flexible, because it does not have any arms. It will, however, possess a tilt position of -5 to fifteen levels along with a swivel position of 180 levels. Much more, it’s height adjustment capacity from 200 to 400 millimeters. The twin monitor mount may be the mount using the finest versatility. It is because it’s multiple arms that may move about against the bottom mount that actually does not have any. Lastly, we’ll check out the three and 4 monitor arm mounts. These mount variations are naturally minimal flexible because there is a large amount of weight to aid. Once they are setup they aren’t intended to be easily movable.


This can be a effective and durable computer monitor mount that includes a lot of variations to provide. These stands are in an excellent cost. The prices are underneath the competition and also the quality is identical otherwise better. A great monitor arm mount option for all needs since there are variations to satisfy any needs you might have. There’s a couple of stuff that we’d wish this computer monitor mount might have. For instance, a built-in cable management system or even more arm versatility, Using these added features this mount would easily obtain a 5 from 5 rating. Within the finish, it is really an amazing monitor arm mount with many different features making it great.

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