KRIEGER KL4327 Quad Monitor Stand

The KRIEGER KL4327 Quad Monitor is our 2×2 desk stand of preference. It features a compact structure that keeps the monitors in tight. The brunt from the weight is supported vertically through the center pole. Its arms are stored short so it isn’t likely to bend, despite the heavier monitors.

We chose this monitor as our suggested 2×2 stand due to how strong it’s built. It may support as many as 72 lbs. of monitor weight (18 lbs. per monitor) without causing any sagging issues, that was the primary complaint concerning the VIVO Quad LCD Monitor previously mentioned. If you’re searching for any quad monitor stand that’s affordable and powerful, here’s your best choice.

We loved how flexible this stand is. Each row of monitors could be tilted as much as 45°. Although 45° is excessive, it’s nice to possess that sort of range available as needed. The stand may also swivel 15° either in direction.

You are able to adjust the arms to support your preferred height with every row. The utmost height will rely on your screen size. Each arm could be adjusted individually in the other. The normal setup has got the first row straight having a slight “V” bend inward and also the top row is tilted lower to support your type of sight.

We loved the functionality from the pyramid monitor stand, however it just didn’t look right. This 2 x 2 stand is much more pleasing towards the eye. The look is compact also it minimizes the area in between each joining monitor.

It works with VESA 75×75 and 100×100 monitor mounts. You are able to run the cables across the arms and lower the supporting pole. The clips which are grown around the arms will secure the cords in position.

The stand attaches towards the desk through its heavy base. It features a no-scratch bottom. This prevents the office safe, despite 50 pounds of standing and walking lower onto it.

I was very impressed whenever we discovered this monitor stand. The only real factor to think about here’s regardless of whether you want the 2×2 setup or even the pyramid setup, which can be more desirable to individuals which are transitioning from the triple mount stand.

So far as strength, cost, and versatility go, you cannot beat what this stand provides. It offers probably the most versatility and adjustments we have found from the 2×2 mount. So far as strength goes, it doesn’t sag whatsoever. At $20 underneath the VIVO Quad, it’s surprisingly affordable.

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