VIVO Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount

We’ve incorporated a pyramid triple monitor stand type because there are others who take advantage of it. We particularly find the VIVO triple LCD monitor mount because of its cost and straightforward installation when compared with other pyramid type monitor mounts. There’s undoubtedly other great triple pyramid stand but overall we’d recommend the VIVO pyramid stand. One more reason for that choice is a result of the clamp type mount as it is being a popular request with time.

Installing this computer monitor stand is straightforward, smooth and simple, also because of the informative manual that is included with it. Once ready may possibly not look as elegant while you might have thought, but it’s certainly durable and sturdy. Fashionable or otherwise still it offers to do well multi-monitor stand and has a very stable hold. As pointed out before, this monitor mount is to establish with a clamp type, which is a vital note because of the fact that it’s a triple monitor stand. Most desks can support two monitor stands, but when it will get overweight the desk may be unable to handle it, so remember that and make certain the office includes a high durability. The multi monitor stand supports as much as 27? monitors and as much as 22 lbs for every monitor arm. This is a VESA stand suitable for 75mm and 100mm.

For having the ability to hold 3 monitors it’s surprisingly great versatility. It arrives with a good height adjustment feature, although a little difficult on the adjustment. All of the monitor arms possess a tilt choice of /- 15o that is nothing special but acceptable. However, the rotate and swivel can be an incredible 360o, which makes it probably the most selectable multi monitor stand ever. Most triple monitor stands don’t support such appreciated versatility.

The minor flaw that is included with the stand may be the reconfigurations. Lots of adjustments needs to be done to obtain the perfect stand, to align them perfectly. Especially if you’re not pleased with the peak, then you’ll have to adjust a couple of things to have it right.

Overall the VIVO Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount is an excellent stand with lots of positives. Compared with other pyramid stands this stand is certainly a question with regards to profit for the money.

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